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The Magazine Wopreneur is directed at addressing the issues faced by women in the start-up and growth stages of SMEs (Small and Medium Businesses). It is the only magazine addressing the niche yet strong market of women in business. The contents of the magazine provide women with insight into the topics important to them, inspires them by sharing stories of women who have made it, by discussing the challenges faced by them and how they overcame those challenges. There are also useful hints and tips for social media, power dressing, lead generation and sales negotiation techniques, thus providing an interesting read and recognising the intellectual and entrepreneurial capability of women across the globe.

We are delighted as a team with the fabulous response we have been receiving from all around as we speak about the magazine. We truly believe that words have the power to change lives. Wopreneur magazine is full of inspirational articles about women who have made it against all odds, information about making the right start while starting on your entrepreneurial journey, government initiatives to support women business and information/policies that you must know as a working woman.

Above all Wopreneur recognizes the intellectual power of women and provides content that mirrors the same. There are varied subjects that are not spoken about but need to be spoken about.

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