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Wopreneur Events

Wopreneur events are for women who want to create a successful and fulfilling work life for themselves in a thought provoking /learning environment with like-minded women. As the economy continues to grow, there has never been a better time for women entrepreneurs to take center stage. According to Women’s Global Entrepreneurship study by Dell, business in India is booming with eight out of ten women entrepreneurs reporting that they are hiring staff and maintaining a confident outlook for business growth. It is clear that the encouragement and support of women’s entrepreneurial aspirations are integral to the upward development of the wider economy and financial empowerment of women is the key to many issues related to women and the society at large.

Wopreneur Think Tank

This is an invitation only event where we invite attendees from different businesses and have a discussion about the challenges faced while starting/growing their business, the idea is to identify the challenges, share best practices and create solutions. We hold these events in various locations in co-working spaces in and around Mumbai. Connect with Wopreneur Community for latest updates or write to [email protected] to get invited for our forthcoming event. This is the perfect event for women who want to start and build their businesses from firm foundations, ensuring growth and professional fulfilment.

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